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USG color dopler Z6

Oleh Mindray

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Rp 250.000.000
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Rp 230.000.000  (8% OFF)
Berat17000 gram
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Product Description

USg Portable Mindray Color Doppler -Harga Murah 

The Z6 portable Colour Doppler ultrasound system is a well-balanced choice for those who require the features of traditional Colour Doppler ultrasound system, whilst maintaining outstanding value for money and portability.
The Z6 system offers amazing image quality and innovative functionality.


- 15-inch High resolution LCD Monitor 
- Screen resolution of 1024x768 
- Ability to adjust the angle of the monitor 
- Tilting control panel with interactive Back-lighting 
- Electronic Trackball 
- 8 segments scanning depth adjustment 
- Pulse Wave Doppler
- Two Transducer connector
- iBeam: Spatial Compounding
- iClear: Adaptive Speckle Suppression Imaging
- iTouch: Auto Optimization
- Tissue Harmonic Imaging
- Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging
- Trapezoid Imaging
- Images: B/ 2B/ 4B/ B+M
- Quad-split
- Dual-Split : B/C, B/TDI, B/M, B/PW
- Adjustable time line display format
- iStation: Patient Information Management Software
- 320G internal HDD
- 4 x USB ports, 1 x VGA output, 1 x S-Video output

Available Probes:

- Convex 3C5P (2.5,3.4,5.0,H5.0/H6.0Mhz) Doppler ( 2.5/3.5Mhz) -FOV 86Deg
- Linear 7L4P ( 5.0,7.5,10Mhz) Doppler (5.0/5.7Mhz) - FOV 35mm
- Linear 7L5P ( 5.0,7.5,10Mhz) Doppler ( 5.0/5.7Mhz) - FOV 52mm
- Hi-Frequency Linear L14-6P ( 8-14Mhz)
- Endocavity Micro-Convex 6CV1s (5.0, 6.5,8.5MHz) Doppler ( 4.4/5.0Mhz) - FOV 140deg.
- Micro-convex 6C2P (5.0, 6.5,8.0MHz) Doppler ( 4.4/5.0Mhz) - FOV 92deg
- Phased array 2P2s (2.0,2.5,3.0,H3.0,H4.0Mhz) Doppler ( 2.0CW/2.5) - FOV 90deg
- Bi-Plane CB10-4P ( 5-8Mhz)
- Endocavity V10-4BP ( 5-8Mhz)
- Interectal Linear 6LE7P ( 5-8Mhz)
- T-Type Linear 7LT4P ( 5.0,7.5,10Mhz) Doppler (5.0/5.7Mhz) -FOV 37mm

Optional Extras:

- iScape Panorama view
- Free XROS, Anatomical M Mode
- Wireless LAN
- IMT Auto Measurement Package
- DICOM: Worklist, Query/Retrieve, MPPS, OB/Gyn S/R, Cardiac S/R, Vascular S/R
- Needle-guide brackets ( various probes)
- UMT150 Trolley
- Hand Carry Bag
- Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery 5-240

Jual Usg Portable Mindray Z6


- Weight including batteries Mindray Z6 - 8.8 Kgs.
- Dimensions: 19 x 41 x 39 cm
- Multiple Language display. 
- Mains power - 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
- Input Current 1.5-0.8A


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