Usg 4 Dimensi Mindray Dc-T6

Kode Produk 011
Rp 430.000.000,00
Stok 2 buah
Berat 20000 gram
Minimal Order 1 buah

USG Mindray DC-T6

Sebuah versi yang lebih tinggi dibandingkan dengan sistem yang serupa, DC-T6 dilengkapi dengan teknologi canggih dan fitur yang relevan secara klinis memberikan kualitas gambar yang baik untuk mendukung kebutuhan pemeriksaan sehari-hari dalam berbagai aplikasi.


General Imaging
iClear: adaptive speckle suppression
iBeam: spatial compounding imaging
Fast system response with octal-beam imaging
Wide range of transducers and rich series of needle guided brackets
Comprehensive measurement packages

Real-time 4D imaging
Volume, endocavity and convex probes
Powerful preset, user-define OB formula and professional report templates

TDI with quantitative analysis
Free Xros CM: anatomic M-mode with curved sample line
Free Xros: anatomic M mode with maximum three sample lines
Auto LV quantification: auto calculation function of left ventricle
Color M for more spatiotemporal flow information

IMT: auto calculation of intima-media thickness
Auto real-time calculation for PW mode
iTouch TM: one-button image optimization
Trapezoid imaging for more clinical information
B steer for better visualization, especially in biopsy
iScape View: panoramic imaging for extended view
Customized measurements and reports

Ergonomics & workflow
iTouchTM: one-button image optimization
iStationTM: for easy patient information management
iZoomTM: one button automatically expanding image to full screen
iRoam TM: wireless data transfer solut-ion
Network storage: direct connection between PC and ultrasound
Complete DICOM3.0 solution
iPower: intelligent power solution
Stable power supply system
Uninterrupted scanning up to 2h
Rechargeable during scanning
Low battery warning

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