Monitor pasien i-Mec series-Pasien monitor Imec 10

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Pasien Monitor Imec Series

Jual Pasien Monitor Mindray Imec 10

An innovative patient monitor with green credentials, Mindrays 

iMEC helps you to reduce your hospitalsecological footprint and to contribute to a sustainable care environment.

Based on its optimized hardware design, iMEC achieves acompared to conventional patient monitors. 

This allows for an improved battery life and a fan-lessdesign, providing cleaner and quieter performance. 

It also offers a robust but thin and lightweightstructure, making iMEC very easy to carry. 

The touch screen allows you to operate iMEC in a quick and convenient way.With Wi-Fi capability, iMEC integrates seamlessly with Mindrays Hypervisor VI Central Monitoring System. 

This provides you with convenient access to real time patient information - even during transport.Its preconfigured measurement parameters meet all standard clinical requirements and allow iMEC tooperate in various hospital settings, including Emergency Rooms, Recovery Units, General Wards andOutpatient areas.50% lower power consumption1

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